Q & A

1. How much do you charge?

A) We want to provide you with the best value for your event, so we have options to suit your budget. Prices do vary by availability and date, so contact us for a quick quote.

2. Where is Elite Beat Located?

A) We are Located in Indianapolis, but we also have DJs in Terre Haute, Indiana. We serve Central Indiana and Eastern Illinois. We do special events outside this region upon request. Contact us for more information

3. How much control do I have over the music played?

A) You can fine tune your reception from having the DJ make all the song selections to you having an entire playlist pre-made. Once you fill out our planner with requests, do not play lists, and genre type, we will be able to successfully prepare for your event.

4. How do you interact with the crowd?

A.) We act very professional at events and use the microphone to make announcements, not to tell jokes or make unnecessary comments. If you are trying to get the party going, we will interact with the crowd to inject some fun. But overall, we focus on what you want for the event.

5. Do you take requests?

A) Yes we do! We bring our extensive music library to every event so we can accommodate requests to most guests. However, if you want to limit requests in any way, we can prepare ahead of time to inform your guests.

6. What kind of equipment do you use?

A.) We only use professional dj equipment, such as JBL Speakers, a Digital Music Library , Intelligent Lights, Wireless Microphones, and other professional gear.

7. Do you provide uplighting?

A.) Yes, we provide uplighting services to dramatically improve the appearance of your reception hall